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R & D Strength

R&D Strength

The company has the most professional wool spinning equipment R & D team, has a master’s degree from overseas and the college degree a number of technical personnel, more experienced frontline operational staff, strong research and innovation capacity, the machining ability outstanding, electromechanical integration technology strength is strong, is currently the only company to produce full range of Japan’s imports of woollen wool textile machinery accessories manufacturers.

In 2006, the company invested a lot of technical force, full digestion and absorption of mechanical principle and characteristics of the spinning machine, the successful development of the domestic first CNC  belt type spinning machine, through the identification of science and technology departments, customers reflect the good.

In 2011, the company has adopted a new mechanical structure, using the current of the world’s most advanced Siemens control system, equipment control software is developed independently, successfully developed the whole servo dragon belt spinning, won the national ministry of science and technology innovation fund.At the same time, our company for the retrofit scheme of wool spinning frame has technology exported to Japan.

From yesr 2009 to year 2013,The company has obtained 10 invention patents,patent numbers are ZL200610116120.3 ZL200610116119.0 ZL201220513634.3 ZL201220514827.0 ZL201220514959.3 ZL201220546478.0ZL201220514960.6 ZL201220526131.X ZL201220514958.9  ZL201220513696.4
You Lian has been the qualified supplier of Germany’s Siemens,the vendor code is 4000026900  CNOC:703704119;and a new type of missile guidance module shell has been successfully developed for a certain research institute.。