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Development Path

Development Path

Companies in the development process of a major event, is a milestone in the development of enterprises on the road and turning point, it is worth our forever in mind.
1990:You Lian textile parts factory establishes in Wujiang

1999:The company changes its name to Wujiang YouLian textile Co.,Ltd

2009:The company has obtained two invention patents authorization,patent number:ZL200610116120.3 ZL200610116119.0

2010:The company has been the qualified supplier of Germany’s Siemens.,The vendor code is 4000026900  CNOC:703704119

2011:The company changs its name to Suzhou You Lian Textile Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd

2011:You Lian was listed at Tianjin Equity Exchanges at the first enterprise in Suzhou on Dec.26,2011.Equity Name:You Lian Equipment.Equity Code:632001.Company has become the sixth house in Jiangsu province, and the first in Suzhou City to  land the enterprise, opened the joint-stock enterprises in Suzhou in the OTC market for equity financing is the first of its kind.

2011:The company won the “2011 Annual independent innovation enterprise” glorious title

2012:The company changed  to the new address:No.9 East Kai Fa Rd,Wanping Town,Taihu New Distract,Wujiang ,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province.

2012:The company won the “Jiangsu province small and medium-sized enterprise management innovation demonstration enterprise” glorious title.

2012:The company won the “Jiangsu province private scientific and technological enterprise” glorious title.

2013:The company has obtained eight invention patents authorization,patent number:ZL 201220513634.3  ZL201220514827.0  ZL201220514959.3  ZL201220546478.0ZL201220514960.6  ZL201220526131.X  ZL201220514958.9  ZL201220513696.4